For Students and Instructors

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SHOT EDU Edition

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For Academia

Bunkspeed offers our breakthrough rendering and visualization application suites PRO™ and DRIVE™ to be installed in your schools’ computer labs for training and industry preparation of the next generation of Designers, Architects, Engineers, and Multimedia Professionals. We offer a floating license using FlexLM for Windows servers with Lab Packs of up to 30 Licenses for a very low annual fee. Leading art and design schools are already teaching Bunkspeed software, such as Academy of Art, College of Creative Studies and Art Center College of Design.

Our University Pack is $2,000/year USD for up to 30 licenses.

The Bunkspeed PRO™ Suite is the next generation design review tool. Pro has a full camera, model, part, material, environment and light animation package along with BOOST™ and QUEUE™. Simply drag and drop you 3D data from any source, arrange it, paint it, light it and animate it!

The Bunkspeed DRIVE™ Suite is the ultimate collection of all Bunkspeed's software technology. DRIVE enables car designers, decision makers and marketers to have the highest quality visualization with the greatest efficiency throughout their processes with dramatic cost savings.

Who Qualifies?

Any high school, college, or university with a dedicated program for Transportation Design, Product Design, Architecture, Multimedia, Photography, Mechanical Engineering or other creative discipline. A dedicated computer lab and Windows license server must be in place for the software to be installed, operated and licensed. Bunkspeed offers up to 30 floating software licenses per lab of both the PRO™ Suite or DRIVE™ Suite.


For more information, please send an e-mail to and a Bunkspeed representative will get in touch with you shortly.