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What is DRIVE Suite?

Bunkspeed DRIVE™ is the ultimate collection of Bunkspeed's technology. It enables car designers, decision makers and marketers to have the highest quality design visualization with the greatest efficiency earlier in the process all the way to final results, which translates to dramatic savings. Following suit, DRIVE delivers an elegant, simple, fast interface that’s intuitive and easy to learn. It is production ready for automotive and transportation visualization as early as design review or for final marketing communication imagery. DRIVE allows you to import large data sets, organize, paint, copy and vary your objects in real-time for visual decision making like never before, then present and decide based on stunning quality image and video. DRIVE’s ability to be paired with workgroup or enterprise solutions enable any shot or driving animation to be rendered in photographic perfection on a single box or over hundreds of processors and viewed on a desktop, power-wall or mobile device. DRIVE is like a fine automobile, a high performance engine, supple yet firm suspension, a enveloping fine interior and easy to!

Who is DRIVE Suite for?

You will love Bunkspeed Drive™ Suite if you:

  • are a designer, design chief, product manager, visualization specialist, product marketing manager or anyone else who needs to see, compare and contrast real-time interior or exterior visualization, and driving motion with real reflections and physical properties of early concept to production models.
  • leverage full screen presentations on power-walls and wish to do so via remote control.
  • appreciate and demand the finer details that passion, focus and precise execution provide.
  • want to make significant cost savings by evaluating then deciding on detail parts like headlights, taillights, interiors, ip’s, cut lines, etc. before making prototypes.

Why do I need DRIVE Suite?

Drive has been developed specifically for the automotive designer and decision maker. After years of working with most of the leading automotive design studios world-wide, we have developed specific, highly valuable features that make the decision making, based on digital data, as effective as possible. Variants, arrangements of multiple cars, full screen presentation mode, and the highest quality real-time rendering possible make Drive a necessity in the automotive design process. The time to produce high quality visualization, both still and animated has been slashed. Most importantly, Bunkspeed Drive offers the unique feature of making the car "drivable" with real-time reflections and suspension simulation that allows the designer to "feel" the intended emotional connection with the car design. Drive has to be driven to be appreciated.