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What is MOVE?

MOVE™ includes all the features of Bunkspeed SHOT™ with the addition of animation. MOVE has all you need to make things move. You can generate serious moves and dynamic cameras, then render fast, with film quality results. Animate objects, parts, cameras, materials, lights and environments with a simple and familiar timeline interface. The innovative animation ribbon takes a cinematography approach to help you visualize animation paths and timing in 3D. The broad import pipeline, including automated tessellation of nurbs models, allows you to bring virtually any 3D idea to reality. The familiar, beautifully designed interface can be mastered in under two hours, keeping the learning curve down. If you can imagine it, it can be visualized in minutes.

Who is MOVE for?

Bunkspeed MOVE™ is for all designers, modelers and creatives who want to make things move and come to life to tell a story, sell a product, communicate an idea or share a vision. It can be for presentation, pre-visualization or final film quality output with the famous NVIDIA iray 2 offline renderer.

You will love Bunkspeed MOVE™ if you:

  • want a low cost entry and easy to use rendering software with Nvidia iray® quality results.
  • are a designer, artist, modeler, architect or interactive creative with little to no 3D rendering experience.
  • want a "push-button" renderer of final frame photo-realistic images with correct global illumination.
  • require smooth and artifact free, photo-realistic rendered movies or stills in a progressive and interactive manner.
  • prefer a solution that requires only a small number of intuitive settings but enough control to not feel limited.
  • want to assign realistic materials to 3D objects, or use pre-defined libraries of physically correct materials.
  • want to light your scene using HDRI images or set up a virtual photo studio with panels and bounce cards.
  • want to leverage the cost/performance benefits of GPU accelerated rendering.
  • want to make your 3D data move and come to life to tell a story, sell a product, communicate an idea or share a vision.

Why do I need MOVE?

Because MOVE™ is the simplest, and easiest to learn animation system out there. MOVE is not like the typical animation and rendering software. It doesn’t have hundreds of buttons, tweakable sliders or settings needed to get your task done. MOVE is the essential collection of still image and sophisticated animation tools for product animation. MOVE doesn’t take months to learn or years to master. Within a couple of hours, you’ll be amazed at the results that can be achieved. MOVE introduces a refreshing, innovative, and cinematic approach to animation in addition to the essential still image functionality found in SHOT. MOVE enables you to easily bring a 3D scene to life by enabling camera, part, material, light and model animation that move and delight your audience. The results are photo replacement stills and film quality video that can be used for web marketing, business communication and design review in markets such as consumer product design, architectural visualization, industrial engineering, film and game pre-viz. Ultimately, MOVE is the easiest and most efficient way to communicate your designs or promote your 3D ideas through imagery and animation.