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What is PRO Suite?

The all new Bunkspeed PRO™ Suite 2012 is the combination of Bunkspeed Shot™ and Move™ into a single integrated application, along with many new additional features and productivity tools. The PRO Suite consolidates our effort to provide the creative digital designer in product design, graphic arts, architecture design and animation, the ability to quickly explore various design concepts and communicate their intent with beautifully rendered output in a single image and animation. The Bunkspeed PRO™ Suite adds functionality to enrich communication, evaluate product configurations, accurately simulate real world lighting and materials, streamlined work-flow, and scalable performance to meet the highest demands.

Who is PRO Suite For?

You will love Bunkspeed PRO™ Suite if you:

  • need more PRO level features than the base Bunkspeed SHOT™ and MOVE™ because you demand the best of everything. The PRO Suite enables special features for saving time, fitting into pipelines and detailing your production project.
  • want to create 360 spins, or more complicated exploded, camera, material and model animations for the web or product demonstrations.
  • want to take advantage of displacement mapping to add detail to models with only an image.
  • need to easily create and show your product in multiple configurations or variations in different environments
  • need to Boost™ your rendering performance by connecting to another machine running the PRO Suite.
  • need to QUEUE™ your jobs; set your pictures and animations to render while you are not there.
  • want to animate the sun moving over the sky with an accurate time of day simulation; Perfect for architects that want to do shadow and window studies.
  • typically spend 90% of the time on the last 10% of the job.
  • can’t risk compromising quality, deadlines or your image.
  • want to avoid learning overcomplicated and expensive tools.
  • have no time to spend in long and expensive training classes.
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Why do I need PRO Suite?

The Bunkspeed PRO™ Suite is a must have if you need all the features of Bunkspeed SHOT™ and MOVE™ plus additional features that make you a discerning professional graphic artist, photographer, marketer, animator, designer or 3D creative. With features like:

  • Additional photometric light sources and the ability to keyframe animate them
  • Configurations to show off your creations in a variety of flavors whether its model variants, materials, scenes or cameras
  • 360 spin animation and automatic compilation into .mp4, flash (.flv) for web placement or Matroska (.mkv)
  • Displacement mapping allowing for that next level detail in materials
  • Render passes to help perfectly composite your final images and tweak, glossiness, reflectivity, the ground shadow and more
  • Ability to connect to other machines running PRO Suite and use their rendering power
  • Intuitive QUEUE™ allowing off line queued rendering of images and animations
  • Sun and sky simulation with time of day animation - perfect for architectural animation
  • Ability to connect to PowerBoost™ render server
  • Image post processing features to make your picture "pop" without going to Photoshop

You are sure to increase your ability to create more sophisticated results and meet greater challenges. The results are quick, consistent, film quality videos or images that can be used for web marketing, print collateral, business communication and design reviews in markets such as consumer product design, architectural visualization, industrial design engineering and motion picture pre-viz. The Bunkspeed PRO™ Suite will be a crucial part of your toolbox if you want to take full control of still and animated content, exercising your professional creativity.