What is SHOT?

Bunkspeed SHOT™ is the gateway from 3D models to extremely easy and fast images. In a simple and elegant workflow popularized by Bunkspeed’s HyperShot introduced in 2007, SHOT enables digital designers to bring their creations to realistic life, in minutes instead of hours. Always envisioned as an intuitive “virtual digital camera”, SHOT symbolizes the benchmark for design visualization. By tightly combining intuitive and interactive workflow, with the reality matching accuracy of Nvidia iray® materials and lighting, creative users in any field, can intuitively produce the highest quality image output without the steep learning curves of other rendering solutions.

Who is SHOT for?

You will love Bunkspeed SHOT™ if you:

  • want a low cost entry and easy to use rendering software with Nvidia iray® quality results.
  • are a designer, artist, modeler, architect or interactive creative with little to no 3D rendering experience.
  • want a "push-button" renderer of final frame photo-realistic images with correct global illumination.
  • require photo-realistic results in a progressive and interactive manner.
  • prefer a solution that requires only a small number of intuitive settings.
  • want to assign realistic materials to 3D objects, or use pre-defined libraries of physically correct materials.
  • want to light your scene using HDRI images or set up a virtual photo studio with panels and bounce cards.
  • want to leverage the cost/performance benefits of GPU accelerated rendering.

Why do I need SHOT?

Bunkspeed SHOT™ enables you to import 3D data, apply accurate materials and lighting, and create stunning images in minutes, not hours. You can confidently know that you can have a rendering done fast and at expected quality. SHOT is not like any other typical or standard rendering software with hundreds of sliders for endless tweaking. Bunkspeed SHOT™ is simply accurate, with no settings for quality, at all. It's real, physically correct lighting from the HDRI (high dynamic range image). It's simple, fast, and accurate, enabling stunning results on the first try. The results are stunningly photo-realistic images that can be used for marketing, creative business communication, and design reviews in markets such as design schools, industrial engineering and consumer product design. If you need the easiest and most affordable way to create product comparisons, marketing imagery, design review imagery and even live reviews, there is no better tool.